Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Happy Customer at Indoor Air Care

We are so happy that most of our customers are very satisfied with our services. Of course we do understand that there is no company that can make happy 100% all the people; however we try our best to please everyone.

Today we received very nice surprise from one of our customers, and we would love to share it with you.

Before we tell you about it, we would like to say few things about our customer.
He is an older, very nice man who suffers from an allergy for many years. He visited many doctors, for some reasons none of them could help him with his allergy, sneezing and headaches. Three months ago our customer visited another doctor, who actually did an air duct cleaning with our company, and recommended us to him.

Long story short, few days ago (three months after the service was done) came to our office beautiful letter from our customer with thank you note for helping him getting rid of his allergy!

This information made our company, Los Angeles Air Duct Cleaning, so happy, we are glad we could help, we are glad we made his life easier.