Friday, February 26, 2010

Recipes For Natural Carpet Cleaning

Are you one of the millions of people trying to live a cleaner, greener life? There are way too many products on the market today that contain harmful chemicals. It’s hard to stay green, when everything around you doesn’t work the same. Your best choice here is to create your own Recipes For Natural Carpet Cleaners. Nature has given us many wonderful products to stay clean, we only need to know how to use them.

First of all, baking soda is one of the best options you can use for any type of cleaning. When it comes to your carpets, all you need to do is mix a little baking soda and water together to make a paste. This paste can be added to any spots in your carpet, and will not only clean the spot, but will help remove any odors or germs left behind. Now, scrub the spot a bit and let dry. Once it’s dry, simply vacuum and you’re done.

Another product you might use in cleaning your carpets is white vinegar. If you’ve got children, you know how hard it can be to get certain stains out of your carpets. Vinegar will help remove certain juice drink stains, grass and mud stains, and even helps remove blood stains. Add vinegar to a spray bottle of hot water for even better results.

A few other ingredients you can use in cleaning your carpets include lemon juice, and even soap flakes. Some organic stores sell soap in its natural form. Soap is made from natural ingredients, and using soap flakes can aid in your carpet cleaning solutions. Add to hot water and a little vinegar or baking soda, and you’re ready to go.

When it comes to the safety of your family, it’s best to use products you know are free from chemicals. And in our current economy, making your own Recipes For Natural Carpet Cleaners is an inexpensive way to protect your loved ones while saving the environment.
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