Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why steam carpet cleaning is still the leader?

Protecting the large investment you’ve made in carpeting for your home is motivation enough for wanting to take care of it. Keeping your carpeting fresh, clean and in good repair is a big undertaking.

Not only do you want for it to look good, you want for it to be good for the indoor environment in which your family lives and breathes.

Well known choices are available everywhere

You’re not the only one with these concerns. Carpet steam cleaning has become a major business. The yellow pages are full of service companies waiting to serve you. Equipment and supplies for DIY are right there in your local supermarket, ready to be carried off with your Saturday morning bacon and eggs.

Until alternative cleaning methods came along, steam carpet cleaning was just an automatic maintenance and problem solving procedure that didn’t really merit much thought about how it worked or what it actually achieved. You are one of today’s educated consumers who wants to know more than what time it is. You want to know how the clock works. Thanks to you, that is why this article is here.

How it workssteam cleaner

Steam cleaning your carpet has to begin with a very thorough vacuuming of the carpet. Be sure to give lots of attention to this step because leaving less dry soil and contaminants in your carpet means there won’t be as much clean up of the muddy mixture that results from the application of hot water.

When you vacuum, pay particular attention to the carpet nearest to entry doors because this is where the highest concentrations of dirt will be. Be sure to make numerous passes over these areas.

Steam carpet cleaning isn’t really steam cleaning at all. But, that’s OK because study has shown that high temperature moisture has a detrimental effect on the integrity of carpet fiber and the base they have been fixed to.

Steam carpet cleaning is a way of deep cleaning that integrates a hot water cleaning solution mix delivery system with a wet vacuum spent cleaner recovery system. Does that sound sophisticated to you? It isn’t really, but it probably seemed more so years ago at it’s introduction.

What has become sophisticated however, is the cleaning solutions which are available to you to run through the equipment. They are safer re has been major results oriented improvement worthy of your evaluation.